"Uma criança é como o cristal e como a cera. Qualquer choque, por mais brando, a abala e comove, e a faz vibrar de molécula em molécula, de átomo em átomo; e qualquer impressão, boa ou má, nela se grava de modo profundo e indelével." (Olavo Bilac)

"Un bambino è come il cristallo e come la cera. Qualsiasi shock, per quanto morbido sia
lo scuote e lo smuove, vibra di molecola in molecola, di atomo in atomo, e qualsiasi impressione,
buona o cattiva, si registra in lui in modo profondo e indelebile." (Olavo Bilac, giornalista e poeta brasiliano)

sábado, 2 de novembro de 2013

Duda case in Brazil

The hashtag #ficaduda is about an online protest created by a group of Brazilian adoptive parents in support of Duda's adoptive parents.

Duda was taken away from her biological parents at the early age of just 2 months old, due to abuse an...d neglect. She was taken to a shelter (a foster group home), where she lived for 15 months.

Duda's adoptive parents waited in line during 5 years to adopt through the Brazilian government adoption process. They had the privilege to adopt Duda, and for 3 years they showered her with love, affection, dignity, respect, great education and health —everything that a child needs.

Duda's adoptive parents followed all the legal steps to adopt her. They waited on a long line to be called, they attended mandatory adoption classes, seminars, they endured home visits, etc. But now, after 3 years living as a family, Brazilian "Justice" wants to send Duda back to live with her biological parents, the same ones who lost, by court order, the parental rights to Duda and 6 other children due to neglect and abuse.

Brazilians adoptive parents are angry. They see this decision as a threat to all adoptions in Brazil. And they are asking your help. You can help by sharing this story, by signing the petition, and by using the hashtag #ficaduda (duda stays) on all social media sites.

Together, we can create online pressure and real-life activism in hopes to guarantee Duda the right to stay where she belongs: with her real and forever family: her adoptive family. #ficaduda

To sign the petition, go to: http://www.avaaz.org/po/petition/ficaDuda/?ccHdWfb

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and we can all celebrate by doing a small gesture to help this family. Share!

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